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In Memory of Steve Kreimer (see video at the end)

How does one pay tribute to a man who was so unique he created stories with everyone he ever interacted with?  You could toss a million words around about this gentleman and all would stick: Craftsman, carpenter, dancer, Wild Indian, artist, Happy Dance, Modulators, Mullane’s, Mulberry, “Ping-pong Man”(my daughter’s appellation), Mrs. Perkins’ Ball, Contact Improv, Performer, Calvin & Hobbes, Glory, July Fourth Tubing Party, Ragtime Gentleman, Banana Pops, Flying Cloud, Pot-lucks, Photobomber (before the term existed), Over-the-Rhine, North & South mini-series, Japs, Steve-o! Cincinnati-born-and-bred Steve Kreimer passed away on August 21st.  From his early days with Blanche and the Cincinnati Folk Dancers to his many years performing with the Flying Cloud and to his contact-improv creations and performances at the Dance Hall Steve was always in motion.  One dance with Steve (no matter the genre or time period) and you would immediately notice not only his incredible balance but his amazing brakes.  At home in a tux or baggy pants, his shirt always coming untucked,  wherever he was Steve was always creating fun and testing the limits of speed and gravity.  His limitless energy, and enthusiasm for zany antics (usually accompanied by another Steve!) were the fodder for mirth and entertainment from movie sets to dinners with Russian dignitaries.  Steve’s best dance was marrying the love of his life - his beautiful and talented wife - Denise Heron.  Perhaps the words of a song by Bob Dylan will echo that immortal spirit Steve exuded and are a befitting eulogy from all of us who will miss him in the dance community and beyond.  Forever Young!

                       (Steve Kreimer and Joan Walton perform at Flying Cloud Academy's 1985 event)

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Performance Troupe Openings: The Performance Troupe has openings for dancers.  Singles and Couples 18yrs.+  Dancers/apprentices will be given dance instruction in historical dance from the 1800s through the 1930s.  After acquiring the required level of competency, usually several months of regular attendance, apprentices will be invited to perform with the group. For more information, contact Tamara Anderson at 513-733-3077 or flyingcloudacademy@gmail.com

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